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The Auckland District Health Board (ADHB) is responsible for managing the delivery of healthcare services in the Auckland region of New Zealand. Recently, the ADHB and the New Zealand Resident Doctors` Association (NZRDA) reached a collective agreement after months of negotiations.

The collective agreement sets out the terms and conditions of employment for resident doctors working at the ADHB. It covers a range of issues, including pay, working hours, and leave entitlements.

One of the key changes in the new collective agreement is an increase in pay for resident doctors. The agreement includes a 3% pay rise for the first year, followed by a 2% increase in each of the following two years. This is a significant increase from the previous agreement, which only included a 2% pay rise for the first year.

Another important change is the introduction of a new rostering system. The ADHB and the NZRDA have agreed to a new rostering system that will provide doctors with more flexibility and better work-life balance. The new system will also ensure that doctors have enough time off between shifts to rest and recover.

In addition to these changes, the collective agreement also includes improvements to the annual leave entitlements for resident doctors. Under the new agreement, doctors will be entitled to an extra two weeks of annual leave after three years of service.

The new collective agreement is a positive development for resident doctors working at the ADHB. It provides them with better pay, more flexible working arrangements, and improved leave entitlements. These changes will help to ensure that resident doctors are able to provide high-quality healthcare services to the people of Auckland without suffering from burnout or exhaustion.

In conclusion, the new collective agreement between the ADHB and the NZRDA is a significant step forward for resident doctors working in the Auckland region. It demonstrates a commitment to providing high-quality healthcare services while also ensuring that doctors are able to maintain a healthy work-life balance.